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Creating innovative approaches to solving employment barriers for adults on the autism spectrum. We believe the key to independence and inclusion in society is employment. Unfortunately, about 75% of autistic adults are not employed, and that number rises to 85% for autistic adults who have received a degree. There are some limited vocational services available, however the wait lists are long, and the services are generally not effective. This challenge presented above needs an innovative approach designed to give hope, independence, and inclusion by bridging the gap between employers and autistic job seekers, and creating sustainable job matches based on interest, skills, and abilities. The Autism Employment Network (AEN) was created to provide the innovative solutions needed to lower the unemployment and underemployment rate among autistic adults through our employer education programs, our direct work experience opportunities, and our unique coach-approach methods to empower individuals with autism. The AEN has three core beliefs: Autism is non-linear, dynamic, and unique to the individual. Individuals with autism are not intrinsically less than anyone else. We are one community. Acceptance a nd inclusion open the doors to empowerment and independence. Mission: The Autism Employment Network exists to provide sustainable workplace opportunities, and facilitate true community integration for individuals with autism. The Autism Employment Network 501(c)(3) nonprofit and has become a "Contributing Charity" with the 2023 DICK'S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon. You can select any of the Marathon events to participate in and begin fundraising in support of the work of the Autism Employment Network.

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